The Heavenly Jerky Story….

Once upon a time – a long long time ago – there was a princess in a castle waiting for her prince charming…

Wait a minute – we are not talking about a fantasy story but a Reality History Maker Story…

Here we go – It all started on a trip to Brisbane when our Hero Inventor stopped at a jerky stall at a mall and tasted a jerky for the first time in his life. It was delicious and really jaw breaking, so he went on a research about jerky’s and bought few more. But to his disappointment, all were selling the same old boring flavours and filled with preservatives. So he came up with an idea to introduce jerky’s in all new exciting flavors which will not only tickle the jerky lovers taste buds but will give them all the nourishments of a healthy snack.

And thus was born “Heavenly Jerky” in our creative “Jerky Lab” which, of course was our very own kitchen. With lots of researching, trials and errors, we launched 6 flavoured Gourmet Jerky’s and the response to their unique tastes was just amazing and over demanding.

Heavenly Jerky prides itself to be Australia’s one and only flavoured jerky’s with:
Guarana Extract.
Honey Bourbon Flavour
Dark Rum Flavour
Signature Flavours

Our Jerky Hero is always in his Jerky Lab researching and creating new and unique flavours while never compromising on Quality & Flavour.

Our only aim was to bring you traditional old fashioned style jerky’s in all new and exotic flavours, completely healthy and preservative free; basically no FAKE & UNHEALTHY STUFF. We use the leanest Premium Australian Meat and never compromise on quality to give you the Authentic Style jerky which is extremely healthy and FREE from “Erythorbate, Nitrate and MSG”. Thus making it a wholesome healthy snack and even good for a “A Bun In The Oven” craving.

So if you have controlled your temptation to read the entire story (which is highly unlikely), then go now!!! And grab yourself a “Heavenly Jerky” and experience;