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Territory Jerky Chilli

Territory Jerky hail from Alice Springs in the Top End of Australia and have been making jerky since 1983. Territory Jerky is trimmed, marinated and then smoked and air dried resulting in a thin, very dry jerky. This review is of a 25 gram pack of the

Cow Jokes Fall Udderly Flat in ‘Serious Meat’ Campaign for New Zealand Jerky

“Their jerky comes from non-GMO, grass-fed Kiwi beef. It doesn't get any better than that. But we also wondered, do cows have a sense of humor?”.

Three Jerks Jerky Partners With Soy Vay® to Take on Teriyaki

The Veri Veri Teriyaki® jerky flavor, like all Three Jerks products, is created with the finest cuts of filet, contains no artificial ingredients and is gluten ...

‘Rodent Infestation’ Helps Shut Jerky Jerk Shop On Devon

Jerky Jerk, 1217 W. Devon Ave., had its license suspended by the city's Department of Health on Jan. 5 after the department got a complaint about the ...

“Broquets” Are The Newest Unnecessarily Gendered Fad

Discovered by SomeEcards, a Broquet is a bunch of flowers made out of beef jerky for the man in your life who wouldn't be caught dead with a plant.

Burglar steals beef jerky, Packers merchandise from Dodge County gas station

A burglar stole beef jerky and NFL merchandise from a Dodge County gas ... Cigarettes, beef jerky and Green Bay Packers clothing was taken, the ...