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Geronimo Jerky – Original

Geronimo Jerky are Queensland based company from Mitchelton in Brisbane’s inner north. They have been around for about 6 years now and quite active in the jerky community. They have around 8 flavours and have won numerous awards for their jerky. The first review is of 40grams

10 Interesting Facts About Beef Jerky

A venerable foodstuff that has been relegated to the checkout counter in gas stations and convenience stores, beef jerky actually has a proud heritage. Here are somethings you might want to know. Jerky is a means to preserve meat without refrigeration. Traditionally meat was dried and/or smoked

Butcher Boy Beer Jerky

Butcher Boy Jerky is family based business run by qualified butchers from the Hunter Valley in Newcastle NSW. They have over 10 different flavours to choose from in a variety of sizes. The first review of Butcher Boy Jerky is their Beer flavoured jerky. Everyone knows beer

Tip: Trim all the fat from your jerky to avoid spoilage

So we recently purchased some jerky that had quite a lot of fat present throughout it, and I’m not talking about small little bits within the meat, I’m talking big chunks of gooey white fat. I personally am not a fat fan, I like to trim the

Morgan Freemans Funny Beef Jerky Commercial

The following is an article written by Jim McIntyre for Clevelands New 102 Radio Station. Have a listen to the audio it’s quite a laugh. This is the best impersonation of Morgan Freeman I’ve ever heard. In fact, I’m not sure this isn’t the actor himself. Whoever

Jack’s Black Label Garlic Jerky

The first beef jerky to be reviewed is Jack’s Black Label Garlic Jerky. Jack’s Black Label Fine Foods are made from 100% Australian Beef which is air dried with natural herbs and spices. They are Australia owned and operated company based out of Caringbah, which is south