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Pros: Resealable bag, pleasant garlic taste
Cons: Added preservatives, small pieces, rather high sodium content

The first beef jerky to be reviewed is Jack’s Black Label Garlic Jerky. Jack’s Black Label Fine Foods are made from 100% Australian Beef which is air dried with natural herbs and spices. They are Australia owned and operated company based out of Caringbah, which is south of Sydney in New South Wales. Their beef jerky products contain minimal additives for extended shelf life and quality.

jacks-black-label-garlic-jerky-2When the product arrived and I had a quick look, I initially wasn’t overly excited to get stuck into trying the product. Through the small clear window on the front of the package, I could see the small “sticks” of jerky which have an uncanny resemblance to vanilla beans – once again, not really my cup of tea – I like my jerky in big strips that I can rip and have a good chew. As Friday afternoon crept around, and beer began to flow, now was the time to start the taste test.


Beef, Sugar, Salt, Coriander, Worstershire Sauce, Hydrolised Vegetable Protein, Vinegar, Spices, Preservative E202, E224


All of Jacks Black Label Jerky come as small thin strips about 5 to 8 cm long and about 1cm wide. The texture is quite smooth and soft with a resemblance to licorice or vanilla beans. The garlic seasoning was present on a number of the pieces though only quite small levels.


I was actually quite surprised by the taste of this jerky. There is a definite garlic smell upon opening the package, and the first bite was met with a pleasant garlic taste. There is not a whole lot of surface flavour, and the majority of the flavour is released upon chewing. As more chewing takes place, the flavour takes center stage, and a sweetness becomes present. There is a lack of any real meat taste, and due to the small size and consistency of the jerky, you find yourself eating quite a bit pretty fast. This jerky also contains additives and flavour enhancers, which is quite typical of the mass produced jerky on the market.

Meat Consistency

As mentioned earlier, Jack’s Black Label Jerky pieces are thin sticks with a rather soft texture. The meat is easy to bite and breaks down easily within a few chews leaving a mushy consistency with little meat fibres or steak-like texture. It bends without breaking and visually looks moist.

I would consider this a medium consistency jerky. It’s not too dry, but it is on the soft/chewy side. There are also no noticeable traces of fat.


I purchased a 50g bag for $6 direct from Jack’s Black Label online store – The Jerky Shop, which is reasonable priced and consistant will most products on the market. For future comparison we will compare prices by 100g packages which Jack’s sells for $10/100g.


Jack’s Black Label Garlic Jerky is typical of Australian jerky you find in the big chain supermarkets or petrol stations. It is mass produced and aimed at appealing to customers looking for an easy to eat jerky. It has enough flavour to satisfy the taste buds, however lacks the real steak-like experience you get from a more naturally produced beef jerky.

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