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Pros: good value per gram, no msg, no artificial flavours or colours
Cons: fatty meat, preservative added, lack of flavour

Butcher Boy Jerky is family based business run by qualified butchers from the Hunter Valley in Newcastle NSW. They have over 10 different flavours to choose from in a variety of sizes.

The first review of Butcher Boy Jerky is their Beer flavoured jerky. Everyone knows beer and jerky go great together, but what about beer infused jerky? At first thought the idea sounds like a winner, the combination of two of my favourite vices into one little package. However the Butcher Boy Beer Jerky just doesn’t do it for me, and in fact I was quite disappointed.


Dried Beef, Soy, Liquid Smoked, Sugar, Spices, Preservative 250


Care should be taken in the appearance of any jerky. The thought of dried up meat alone is enough to scare people into not wanting to try it, so imagine pulling out a piece of jerky that has large amounts of fat present and generally looks a mess. That is exactly what happened when I opened the beer flavoured jerky from Butcher Boy. Every effort should be taken to remove the fat and present a nice, appealing jerky that people WANT to eat.



Hmm taste, or lack of is what comes to mind. I was rather skeptical before trying this jerky that it would be very hit or miss. It really lacked any substantial flavour. The success of a beer flavoured jerky would really come down to the beer used. Unfortunately this particular jerky reminded me of the warm dregs from the bottom of a can of light beer.

Meat Consistency

As you can see from the about picture the meat was not presented very well. Large traces of fat were present, and the jerky seemed to be all clumped together in masses. This made it hard to eat and even give a worthwhile description of the products consistency. It was fairly soft to chew and held quite a bit of density, most likely due to the infusion of beer.


At $5 for 50grams, this is quite good value and much cheaper than most jerky on the Australian market.


The idea of beer jerky sounds great, but unfortunately I don’t feel Butcher Boy has executed it very well. Not only was the flavour not pleasant, but visually the jerky was not appealing and the presence of fat was a major turnoff. The only feature that saves this jerky is it’s value for money, but what good is value if you don’t like the product??

Butcher Boy Beef Jerky