User rating
Pros: flavour, no preservatives, gluten free, appearance
Cons: on the dry side, quite salty

Geronimo Jerky are Queensland based company from Mitchelton in Brisbane’s inner north. They have been around for about 6 years now and quite active in the jerky community. They have around 8 flavours and have won numerous awards for their jerky.

The first review is of 40grams of their Original flavoured beef jerky.


Beef, water, soy beans, garlic, wheat, salt, herbs, spices.



The appearance of this jerky is how jerky is meant to look. It actually looks like meat, the grain is present and the colour and texture is exactly how a dried out piece of meat should look. There is no filler or colour added to give it an un-natural appearance. However it does look quite dry and brittle and may conjure up thoughts of dry cardboard or tree bark.


Continuing on from the last statement about the dry appearance, one may think the dry look and feel will mean the flavour will suffer, this is not the case. Whilst quite dry, it quickly reabsorbs moisture within the first few chews, releasing a salty yet pleasant burst of flavour. Some may find it a bit too salty, but not me. All the flavour comes primarily when chewing, and there is little to no external flavouring in the way of spices. However this is the original flavour which I believe is the base for the majority of the Geronimo range. Sodium levels are quite high at 1780mg per 100g, but still under 2000mg which is my personal limit per 100g.

Meat Consistency

Thumbs up to Geronimo for providing a jerky that is consistent. All the pieces are of equal thickness and dried evenly. It is evident that care has been taken to trim any excess fat as there was none present in any of the pieces tested.


$6 for 40g / $90 a kg is rather reasonable and quite consistent with competitors. There is no mention that the meat used is grass fed, which should keep prices lower. As the product is drier than most, you in fact do receive more for jerky for your buck.


Geronimo Jerky have a good product that is easy to eat, visually appealing and tastes good. No added nasties, good packaging and regular deals online. Generally a good all-round product.

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