The following is an article written by Jim McIntyre for Clevelands New 102 Radio Station. Have a listen to the audio it’s quite a laugh.

This is the best impersonation of Morgan Freeman I’ve ever heard. In fact, I’m not sure this isn’t the actor himself.

Whoever it is, he’s as tired of political ads as the rest of us. So he’s spoofing them.

The real Morgan Freeman’s voice can be heard on a television ad endorsing President Obama. THIS Morgan Freeman is endorsing something a little more frivolous: gas station jerky.

(The idea of using a piece of jerky the way he suggests toward the end of the commercial is hilarious!)

We’re just 4 days away from the election, and the end (mercifully) of political ads.

If only the candidates had the same sense of humor as the Morgan Freeman impersonator who recorded this spoof spot. IF it’s an impersonator