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Lab grown beef is like melt-in-your-mouth jerky

At the reThink Food conference in California this month, punters were able to taste test bio-engineering company Modern Meadow’s lab grown beef offering – the Steak Chip. These orange, crinkly discs are made up of beef cells grown in a lab and bound together with pectin, plus

Man was so into the footy he took a bite of dried toad

When Territorian Jessiica McDonald settled in to watch the footy with her family, they didn’t expect to make a gruesome snack-related discovery. “Beers while watching the footy,” Jessiica wrote. “Only to find the beef jerky we just bought isn’t beef at all. Instead it’s marinated dried toad!!!

Geronimo Jerky – Spicy Shaman

Geronimo Jerky are Queensland based company from Mitchelton in Brisbane’s inner north. They have been around for about 6 years now and quite active in the jerky community. They have around 8 flavours and have won numerous awards for their jerky. This review is of 40grams of

Beef Jerky in Brisbane

Beef Jerky in Brisbane is slowly gaining more popularity as the public is starting to be presented with more quality jerky options. No longer is jerky only found at servo’s or your local green grocers counter, instead markets, breweries and craft beer bars are now embracing jerky

Kims’ Beef Jerky – Original

Kims’ Beef Jerky is a Brisbane based jerky company with 3 jerky flavours in their range. Kims’ Jerky is 100% natural with no chemical additives. The first review is of 100 grams of their Original Beef Jerky flavour. Ingredients Curry, Sugar, Lemongrass, beef and garlic. Appearance Kims’

Wild Bull Jerky – Hot Chilli

Wild Bull Jerky is a product of Sydney Meats. Their jerky is made daily using Premium Black Angus lean beef direct from their farms. Wild Bull beef jerky contains no artificial flavourings, no msg, no preservatives, is low fat and 70% protein. The first review is of