User rating
Pros: Very different style, 100% natural, no additives
Cons: High sugar/carbs, no actual meat taste

Kims’ Beef Jerky is a Brisbane based jerky company with 3 jerky flavours in their range. Kims’ Jerky is 100% natural with no chemical additives.

The first review is of 100 grams of their Original Beef Jerky flavour.


Curry, Sugar, Lemongrass, beef and garlic.


Kims’ Jerky is rather unique in that it comes supplied in a small takeaway plastic container and not sealed in a standard food safe bag. At first inspection you can instantly tell the jerky has been dried extensively with next to no water content present at all. The jerky is a distinctive yellow colour and has no resemblance to standard jerky or meat at all.It looks more like a piece of bark or dried tree leaves.



If you like your jerky to taste nothing like jerky or meat for that matter then this product is perfect for you! Before you even taste it, you can somewhat expect an abundance of flavour, and that’s exactly what you get. The yellow marinade is in fact a combination of curry, sugar and lemongrass, and that is rather overpowering upon your first bite. There seems to be no taste of meat whatsoever, and to me this jerky tastes more like a dessert or lolly/sweet rather than a meaty snack. The jerky is so sweet, that a quick look of the nutritional panel shows that for 100g of jerky, 41.9 grams of carbohydrates are present (34.4 grams of sugar). This compared to 39.3 grams of protein. wow, alot of sugar. In saying all that, it really is quite tasty, but I guess that’s the sugar talking, but I do like the unique combination of lemongrass and curry.


Meat Consistency

A very very dry jerky that breaks apart easily, at times even crumbling. Due to the jerky being swamped in marinade it is hard to actual see the meat. As far as I can tell there doesn’t seem to be any fat content, and the pieces are quite large.


I was given this jerky by a friend so I have no idea how much it retails for. The jerky is not sold online, and is only found at various takeaways, foodstores and other shops in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

Kims’ Beef Jerky Overall

Very interesting jerky, and very different from your standard. More of a “dessert jerky” with the high sugar content, but a tasty combination of flavours. Not sure how much I could actually eat in one sitting though, the excessive sugar would cause me grief after a few pieces.

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