With ecommerce become more and more popular by the day, a lot of traditional businesses are looking to move online to sell their products. This is the case for beef jerky companies in Australia.

Once seen as a very traditional type of business, beef jerky was only ever sold at corner stores, truck stops and local food markets. Today many beef jerky companies are branching out and selling their beef jerky online.

A quick search of google for “buy beef jerky online in Australia” returns quite a large number of results, most of which are small family run businesses selling a range of different beef jerky and biltong online. Many offer discounts on jerky prices if bulk purchases are made, free samples and/or free shipping for large orders. The ease of buying online means these small companies can promote their different beef jerky flavours to customers across Australia. Selling online adds another incoming stream and market to businesses which otherwise would rely on wholesale distribution in traditional bricks and mortar business/stores.

While more and more beef jerky companies are starting to sell online in Australia, the majority still don’t really have a strong grasp on online marketing or promotion. Their marking and branding is still representative of the 20th century which shows that these companies are run by butchers, farmers, or family owned operations where there is no real strengths in marketing, design and advertising. Anyway, rather than have a discussion on marketing of beef jerky (i’ll keep that for another article) here are some search suggestions and tips when trying to find beef jerky online in Australia.

Search Tips

  1. Try searching for beef jerky in your local area. There often could be a supplier in a suburb near you who will allow you to pickup in store to save on postage, or deliver for a very small price.
  2. Team up with mates to buy beef jerky in bulk which will give you a substantial discount (buy by the kg)
  3. Teaming up with mates will allow you to buy more jerky and save on postage
  4. See if the supplier can throw in some samples of other beef jerky flavours
  5. Take pics and put them on instagram, who knows, the jerky company may see them and give you free stuff 😉


So jump online and search for beef jerky and give some companies ago. Remember all beef jerky is different, and the only way you are going to find out what style of jerky and biltong you really like is to try as much as possible. Some will be dry, some moist, some will have lots of flavour others will not… everyone has different tastes so explore yours.

Cheers, TJJ