If you follow John Mayer on Snapchat then you know what’s coming. If you don’t then go follow him now (johnthekangaroo) ! And if you don’t have any idea about what Snapchat is…“hey, dad!”

The singer went on a random jerky reviewing spree this weekend. And the result was a stream of crazy Snapchat stories. Mayer along with his dog, Moose, sat down to taste and talk about a variety of jerkies. But the madness began when he ‘jerky switched’ and popped Moose’s dog friendly jerky instead.

And no, this wasn’t a mistake. John started off with a bag of Chef’s Cut Turkey Jerky and his pet pooch with some Real Meat Lamb Jerky Treats. The switch worked both ways, which meant even Moose got a taste of some hooman jerky.

Here, have a look!

Originally posted as John Mayer now a food critique for dogs