Australia could do with a day like this – Jerky Day, observed in the USA on June 12, gives jerky fans an opportunity to honour all things Jerky.

It may be an unofficial holiday – created by Jack Link’s as a promotional tool – but that doesn’t make the holiday any less meaningful.

Jack Link’s celebrated this year by unleashing ‘Meatzilla’ – the world’s largest bag of beef jerky – which towered at three stories tall. The Meatzilla monument to Jerky was aptly installed in New York City’s meat packing district, and punters were invited to snap photos with the colossal snack.

Following the celebration Jack Link’s also donated one ton – that’s about 900 kilos – of Jerky to Food Bank of New York City.

Meanwhile, American jerky fans took to social media, tweeting out about their favourite jerky recipes, and sharing their favourite jerky with friends and family.

Public decorations, feasting, and jerky-based gestures of generosity? We feel like Jerky Day could be the next Christmas if we play our cards right. Hopefully Jerky Day will make it’s way into Australian culture like so many American celebrations have. If not though, the variety and quality of Australian been jerky makes it easy to keep jerky in our hearts every day of the year.