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Finally… Jerky Infused Gin

If you’re a gin fan, normally you’d expect your favourite drop to be infused with some delicate botanicals. You probably wouldn’t expect, or even want, your gin to be infused with… meat. But that’s exactly what London bar has done, and it’s all in celebration of World Gin

Brisbane BBQ Festival

Grab some jerky along with BBQ goodness at the Brisbane Showgrounds, July 2

John Mayer Is Now A Jerky Critic… for dogs!

If you follow John Mayer on Snapchat then you know what’s coming. If you don’t then go follow him now (johnthekangaroo) ! And if you don’t have any idea about what Snapchat is…“hey, dad!” The singer went on a random jerky reviewing spree this weekend. And the

Beef Jerky at the Toowoomba Man Date Festival

Beef lovers in Toowomba can look forward to the first ever celebration of the Man Date Festival, set for April 16 at the Mort Estate Hotel. The Man Date festival is a celebration of all things beef, beer, beards and so much more. The festival will feature

The Rise of Jerky in Sydney

Here is a great little article on the rise and shine of the beef jerky scene in Sydney. It makes good reference to two great companies making quality jerky; Darling Jerky Co. and Griffin Jerky. Both companies produce handcrafted boutique jerky in a range of flavours using

Is Beef Jerky Healthy? The Truth is Finally Revealed

If you’ve ever wondered if beef jerky was a healthy snack or not, then look no further because after doing several hours of research I have finally found the answer. But first let me explain a bit more about how beef jerky stated… In case for some