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USA Celebrates National Jerky Day

Australia could do with a day like this – Jerky Day, observed in the USA on June 12, gives jerky fans an opportunity to honour all things Jerky. It may be an unofficial holiday – created by Jack Link’s as a promotional tool – but that doesn’t make the holiday

Chinese Companies caught out producing beef-free beef jerky

The beef jerky marketed under the brand name Yisi was discovered to contain no beef whatsoever when Guanghzou inspectors found little protein content and almost no meat in product samples. The “jerky” was being produced by Ruian Lianxi Food, Ruian Chengjia Food and Guangzhou Siwei Food, three companies that

Lab grown beef is like melt-in-your-mouth jerky

At the reThink Food conference in California this month, punters were able to taste test bio-engineering company Modern Meadow’s lab grown beef offering – the Steak Chip. These orange, crinkly discs are made up of beef cells grown in a lab and bound together with pectin, plus

Man was so into the footy he took a bite of dried toad

When Territorian Jessiica McDonald settled in to watch the footy with her family, they didn’t expect to make a gruesome snack-related discovery. “Beers while watching the footy,” Jessiica wrote. “Only to find the beef jerky we just bought isn’t beef at all. Instead it’s marinated dried toad!!!

10 Interesting Facts About Beef Jerky

A venerable foodstuff that has been relegated to the checkout counter in gas stations and convenience stores, beef jerky actually has a proud heritage. Here are somethings you might want to know. Jerky is a means to preserve meat without refrigeration. Traditionally meat was dried and/or smoked

Where to buy beef jerky online in Australia

With ecommerce become more and more popular by the day, a lot of traditional businesses are looking to move online to sell their products. This is the case for beef jerky companies in Australia. Once seen as a very traditional type of business, beef jerky was only