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Territory Jerky Chilli

Territory Jerky hail from Alice Springs in the Top End of Australia and have been making jerky since 1983. Territory Jerky is trimmed, marinated and then smoked and air dried resulting in a thin, very dry jerky. This review is of a 25 gram pack of the

Bigwig Jerky Co Smoky Chorizo

Bigwig Jerky Company are a Brisbane based jerky business specialising in a range of handcrafted, preservative free craft jerky. This review is of a 40 gram pack of the Smoky Chorizo Beef Jerky. All Bigwig Jerky is preservative free and uses quality beef sliced thin with the

African Gold Biltong Beef Jerky

African Gold Biltong is a product of De Beer Meat Company in Brisbane who produce a range of products including Biltong/Drywors/Stokkies, Boerewors and Traditional Rusks. This review is of a 50 gram pack of the African Gold Biltong Beef Jerky Traditional Flavour Beef Sticks. I’ll just refer

Darling Jerky – Original

Darling Jerky Co based in Sydney produce a handcrafted quality jerky made from 100% grass fed beef. They currently have two flavours on the market; Original and Cheeseburger. I received this jerky several months ago and feared I had lost it whilst moving office but to my

Geronimo Jerky – Spicy Shaman

Geronimo Jerky are Queensland based company from Mitchelton in Brisbane’s inner north. They have been around for about 6 years now and quite active in the jerky community. They have around 8 flavours and have won numerous awards for their jerky. This review is of 40grams of

Kims’ Beef Jerky – Original

Kims’ Beef Jerky is a Brisbane based jerky company with 3 jerky flavours in their range. Kims’ Jerky is 100% natural with no chemical additives. The first review is of 100 grams of their Original Beef Jerky flavour. Ingredients Curry, Sugar, Lemongrass, beef and garlic. Appearance Kims’